From IP to IPO is a textbook for DMwl (Doing More with less)™ Entrepreneurs © 2010 Dr. Abraham “Abe” Gill


DMwl Entrepreneurs are creative people who maximize their output by “Doing More with less”.The textbook describes in detail the entire process from the idea stage (IP) to the best suitable exit (IPO). Even if someone does not have a winning business idea, they can learn from this textbook how to come up with such ideas by focusing their attention to the case studies presented at the end of each chapter.

The book was written in a short format (200 pages) and it concentrates on principles rather than details.There are many excellent business books with tons of details but sometimes the details are not helpful and the reader looses concentration.The author believes that understanding and focusing on principles may help the reader develop the details at a later stage. Focusing on details may not help the readers understand the underlying principals.What you will find in this book:

  • starDescription on IP (Intellectual Property) and IPO (Initial Public Offering)
  • starFirst steps in starting your own company or service
  • Doing your own initial marketing and competitive analysis
  • starPreparing your own business intelligence report
  • starCorporate Entrepreneurship
  • starHow to raise funds for your new company
  • starWhat are case studies and how to use them?
  • starExit strategies such as IPOs or selling your company
  • starUseful forms, checklists and standard agreement
Front cover of textbook - From IP to IPO

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