March 30, 2015 by Rachel King (c) CIO Journal

Security breaches have become a daily fact of digital life, prompting some companies like insurance giant Aetna  to approach cybersecurity as just one more business risk that needs to be managed, much as they approach fluctuating currency prices or the threat of lawsuits.

It’s a departure from a traditional mindset, in which cybersecurity is viewed primarily as a tech problem that needs to be fixed. Each day, Aetna Chief Information Security Officer Jim Routh looks at the cybersecurity threats facing the health insurer and how they’ve changed in the last 24 hours. He also looks at changes in Aetna’s ecosystem. He translates that information into a daily risk score and distributes it to company leaders. Understanding that risk is essential to making long and short term decisions on the allocation of scarce resources to the highest risks, he said.

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