Description of the CSV or TXT formats:

The TPIT system requires an input file (CSV or TXT)

CSV stands for Comma Separated Values

TXT stands for Text information where each column is separated by a Comma

For a complete description of the CVS or TXT formats as well as the required 5 parameters  see the table below:

  1. File Format:
    CSV or TXT file with 5 columns delimited by comma “,” with a format as follows:

General note: There are many “Use Cases” that can be selected : For a list of Use Cases please register and go to the Download section.


User ID Time Stamp Activity/Description Subject Miscellaneous
123456789 18 Jan 2019 17:15 Delete Folder Payroll16 C:\Acc\Wages\
246864246 21 Mar 2019 7:20 Copy File to USB Exec Wages C:\Acc|Wages\
987654321  8 Jun 2019 7:25 Edit file Competition.xls C:\Mktg\Comp


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