By: Johna Till Johnson – 21 May  2015

This guide to user behavioral analytics tools helps InfoSec pros determine what features they should consider before making a purchase and reviews both deployment strategies and reasonable performance expectations.

As an information security professional, you’ve probably invested quite a bit of time and money trying to understand what’s going on in your environment. You’ve deployed tools ranging from log management to security information and event management (SIEM) to security operational intelligence. And you’re still struggling with the key question: How can I tell when something’s happening in my environment that shouldn’t?
Enter the new world of security user behavioral analytics (UBA). A host of emerging vendors, such as Bay Dynamics, ClickSecurity, GuruCul, Fortscale and Securonix, are deploying big data techniques to quickly baseline the performance of an environment and detect anomalies that indicate attacks. And existing vendors like Lancope, Solera and Splunk are extending their suites to deliver such capabilities, too.

This guide tackles reasonable expectations and deployment strategies for user behavioral analytics tools. You’ll learn what you can expect when deploying such tools and how they integrate into your existing environment

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