This book is dedicated to my wife, Gizelle, my partner in life as well as to many of my family members (Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins) who I have never met because they were murdered by the German Nazis and their collaborators during WW II. The goal of this book is to be a beacon of light for those who contemplate starting their own business in a technology field or any other field. The method I will be using is, to uncover many pitfalls that are very well “camouflaged” some by nature but mostly by men. I myself have fallen into many of these pitfalls and the memory is still fresh in my mind. If I could do it all over, I would look for a book that could guide me through many of these uncertainties.

Throughout this book I intend to emphasize a unique type of Entrepreneurial Method, I call it: “DMwl Entrepreneurship™” (DMwl stands for Do More with less – The “D” and the “M” are intentionally capitalized while the “w” and the “l” are intentionally lower case). “Do more with less”, has been my motto in the past 30+ years and I am hopeful it will continue in the future. Over the past 30 years I have seen successful Entrepreneurs who have done amassing things; revolutionized the way we work, the way we live and the way we think, all this with minimal resources. These are the true DMwl Entrepreneurs. It is my hope and dream that the next generation of Entrepreneurs will also be “DMwl” inspired.

Many people helped with the preparation, review and presentation of this book. I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. Most of my tanks however, I owe to hundreds of my students who have taken my Entrepreneurship classes over the past ten years. “I have learned a lot from you. Your questions and comments have inspired me and prompted me to write this book.

Thank you all”.

The author


What is the guiding principle of DMwl Entrepreneurship? Let us start with some examples:

Every human being is aware of Mother Earth’s battle for survival. Our air is polluted, our fresh water supply is limited, there is a global warming trend, the food supply is limited and so on, and on, and on. We can win the battle for “Mother Earth” but we have to work together. Here is what one of my students proposed in a Group Project he was involved with. He said that a huge amount of water is used in the process of making paper. Since he was working at a Paper Factory he was intimately familiar with the process. He proposed a new technique to make paper with a lot less water and at a lower cost of production. Without going into details, I think this is a great example of DMwl Entrepreneurship. Just imagine if all the paper factories around the world would adopt this new process how much water and other resources can be saved.

Another example:

Everyone knows that paper is made out of trees. Many forests have been completely eliminated for the use of trees for paper and industry. Without going into the global warming issue, let us see how we can reduce the usage of paper. Just imagine if every person in the world would use both sides of the paper instead of one side how much paper it would save. Further savings can be generated by recycling of paper? How about eliminating the paper altogether in those areas where computers are used. Many years ago, I was part of the CALS initiative of the US Gov. At one of the many meetings I have attended; I heard that the amount of paper (documentation, manuals, etc) used in one of the Navy ships causes the vessel to sink deeper into the water thereby making the engines run harder to move the ship. It took many years but today, many of the manuals, etc. are available on computers. Computers and CDs can eliminate completely the necessity of Hard copy form. If your company or your industry still uses Hard copy manuals, documentation, etc., ask yourself why? Do something about it. Put on your “DMwl Entrepreneurial” hat and talk to the CEO.

Many years ago, it was unthinkable that an Airplane, Ship or any other complex machinery could be designed and manufactured without the use of paper drawings, user manuals, etc. It is no secret that one of US’s most advanced fighter jets was designed and manufactured 100% without paper.So how could we apply DMwl Entrepreneurship methods to make our society need less paper? (Or any other material that affects our environment?). Start with education at the lowest level (kindergarten, elementary, etc.). Teachers should encourage projects that use less paper. Any creative teacher will find tens of ways to reduce paper. More important, if the children will see the behavior of their teachers they will be sure to behave accordingly at their home and later in their life.

  • starMany countries now have Governmental agencies to protect the environment. Those agencies could use DMwl Entrepreneurship methods to award people and organizations who save paper and introduce novel ideas to reduce the need for paper. The awards must not be monetary. A plaque, a ceremony or any other recognition could be most appreciated and will encourage others to do the same. To do it right, the agencies must advertise heavily the award ceremonies. Everyone should envy the award winners. Moreover, everyone should thank these creative minds (DMwl Entrepreneurs) so they continue to come up with more and more solutions to save Mother Earth.
  • starHow about colleges and universities? How much paper is used every year? How many books are copied (without going into legal and copyright issues)? Why do teachers still require hard copy reports, homework assignments, projects, etc? All of these can be handled totally by eMail, USB disks, On-line, etc.
  • starWhat about the paper mills, what can the DMwl Entrepreneurship method do for them? How about awarding those paper mills who do something good for society such are planting 5 trees for every tree they cut for commercial use. The DMwl approach does not encourage fees, fines and other methods to force people to do things. History shows that proper education, motivation and recognition work much better and last much longer. These are just a few examples how DMwl Entrepreneurship can be applied by people at every level and at every industry.

Ranking the Top Innovative and Creative Companies (InnoCreative)™

As part of this text book we will rank the top InnoCreative companies worldwide. Here is the InnoCreative summary table that lists the top companies. A CD containing this research is available upon request.


At the end of each chapter in this book we will present a case study with all the relevant information about the respective company. At the end of Chapter 1 we will discuss Google the company that ranked # 1 in the Top InnoCreative list (see above). “InnoCreative” is the combination of Innovative and Creative. The methodology used to rank the best companies will be discussed in Chapter IX (Case studies). Only the Top 10 companies will be listed in details. To inspire worldwide participation in the Top InnoCreative list, we intend to publish our research on an annual or bi-annual basis. We will also publish a web site (probably