Table of contents

Preface / Introduction4
Chapter I - About IP (Intellectual Property) and Patents8
Chapter Summary8
Defining IP and IPO8
First steps when you get an idea for a business or a technology9
About Provisional Patents11
About Patent Searches17
The Google Case Study21
Chapter II - Starting your own company26
Chapter Summary26
The Executive Summary30
Startup Checklist31
The Amazon Case Study31
Chapter III - About Marketing and Competition 33
Chapter Summary33
What is Entrepreneurship35
Who qualifies as an Entrepreneur?36
Test your entrepreneurial skills37
The Apple Case Study37
Chapter IV - Entrepreneurial approach to Competition41
Chapter Summary
Product Competition41
Company Competition41
Introduction to the Crystal Ball Ranking Method™44
Other applications of the Crystal Ball Ranking Method ™ (CBRM) 51
The 3M Case Study81
Chapter V – Finding “Intelligent information” for the CBRM88
Chapter Summary88
Creating Competitive Advantage90
The Microsoft Case Study93
Chapter VI – International Marketing95
Chapter Summary95
Global Marketing Issues – Internet Marketing95
The eBay Case Study97
Chapter VII – Corporate Entrepreneurship100
Chapter Summary100
Corporate Entrepreneurial Assessment100
Corporate Entrepreneurial Enhancement101
The IBM Case Study103
Chapter VIII – How to raise funds and other financial issues105
Chapter Summary105
Financial Projections106
Valuation Issues108
The Intel Case Study112
Chapter IX – Methodology and Case Studies –114
Chapter Summary114
The Methodology used to rank the Top InnoCreative Companies114
Sample Case Study (Giltronix, Inc. – Stanford University)121
The HP Case Study159
Chapter X – IPO and other Exit options160
Chapter Summary160
Considerations for an Initial Public Offering (IPO)161
The Unity Case Study161
Appendix A - How to score your Entrepreneurship Test171
Appendix B - Sample Provisional patent174
Appendix C - The dated envelopes183
Appendix D - The Non Disclosure Agreement ( NDA).184
Appendix E - Sample Executive Summary (ES) 188
Appendix F - Sample Financial Projections with Valuation (FP)192
Appendix G – The Giltronix Preliminary Prospectus (Red Herring)201
Appendix H – Start-up Check List for DMwl Entrepreneurs (Part II)232