She used to work at the company.

“Ashley Madison was not hacked,” declares John McAfee, the cybersecurity entrepreneur known for his drug-dosing, gun-toting, murder accusation-dodging persona, in a post on theInternational Business Times. Rather, he says, the site was ransacked by an ex-employee. A female ex-employee.

“[T]he data was stolen by a woman operating on her own who worked for Avid Life Media,” he says, referencing the company that owns the extramarital affairs site, which has been the subject a major security breach and several data dumps last week.

August 24, 2015    by Robert Hackett  (c) Fortune Magazine

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John McAfee—namesake of the anti-virus software—thinks he knows who hacked Ashley Madison.

McAfee, namesake of the anti-virus software company picked up by Intel INTC -0.04% in 2011, says he has pored over the 40 gigabytes of data released so far by the alleged Ashley Madison hacking group, which calls itself “Impact Team.” Analysis of the data has led him to draw three conclusions: 1. The hack was a solo affair, 2. The breach was perpetrated by an insider, and 3. A woman is behind it.

As evidence, McAfee cites research involving the “wording” of the leaker’s manifestos, the attacker’s “intimate knowledge of the technology stack of the company,” as well as his own expertise and “reliable sources within the Dark Web—which have yet to fail me.”

For evidence in support of the first claim—that the hack was a solo affair—you’ll have to read McAfee’s July IBTimes post to assess its validity. Okay, fine…here’s the spoiler: “I cannot tell you how I know, but the simple published data should help point to this fact.” In other words, you’ve got to take the man at his word.

As for his conclusion that the hack was perpetrated by an insider? Well, he says, the alleged hacker simply knew too much about the corporate IT network. Plus, the attacker gave herself away by calling out individual employees by name.

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